Mannol Molibden Benzin 7505 10w-40


Innovative HC-synthese engine oil specially developed for all types of gasoline engines, including heavy-duty engines. Contains organic and inorganic molybdenum.

Product properties:
– The HC base ensures efficient operation of the engine in all operating modes: during cold start, in urban and highway modes;
– Contains organic and inorganic molybdenum, providing unique anti-friction and extreme pressure properties. Effectively reduces wear due to a unique protective film that can withstand extreme loads;
– An effective set of antioxidants effectively resist ageing;
– A modern additive package preserves engine functionality and performance throughout the entire interval between replacements and maintains stable viscosity throughout the whole service life;
– Can be used in diesel engines.

Designed for gasoline engines of a wide range of vehicles (cars, light SUVs, vans and light trucks) of European and other manufacturers. Recommended for cars of “old” brands and with high mileage. Not recommended to mix with standard engine oils.


Mannol Molibden Benzin 7505 10w-40 meets specifications:

SAE 10W-40




Mannol Molibden Benzin 7505 10w-40 mengandungi bahan anti geseran Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) yang menjadikan warna minyak enjin kehitaman tetapi mampu membantu mengurangkan geseran antara permukaan komponen besi dengan lebih effisien seterusnya membantu enjin menjadi lebih senyap, lebih jimat bahan bakar dan enjin lebih ringan & responsif


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